Can a Poet and a Planner Co-exist?

Like Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman) I exist in two worlds.  As an Event Producer I am organized, detail oriented and planned to the second – important critera when sculpting atmosphere inside a ballroom.  As a Slam Poet I am cluttered, distracted and spontaneous – equally important since inspiration often surprises me in carefree moments.  Approaching my 39th year I find myself asking the question:

Can a poet and a planner co-exist?

Help me find the answer as I venture to the Lower 48 on a cross-country trek of poetic proportions.  But first (like any good planner) I must research, budget and lay the foundation of a successful adventure which satisfies both selves.

Will you join me?  We have 25 days to prepare…


5 thoughts on “Can a Poet and a Planner Co-exist?

  1. I will say of course!, because a course is much like a poem, different routes lengths and climates. Godspeed my good friend!

  2. YOU GO GURL!!! UBER excited for you! We’ll be by your side every step of the way, living vicariously through you…

  3. Gail if you plan on traveling to MN let me know. I have a ton of friends that help you while there. Kit

  4. I feel your pain & pride: two sometimes colliding worlds! As a recent NPR Rick Steves Travel Haiku winner and serious Event-industry dude I too never know which side I like best! I do know which side pays better though 🙂 Good luck!

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