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My first entry in Planning the Adventure may be a bit mundane, but then again, so are most of the details I’m taking care of in my free time these days.

Wait… Did I just imply I have Free TimeActually, there is no Free Time. There is barely enough Sleep Time. And there is a great void of Write Time.

There is Alaska Pride Fest Time. The Parade and Festival are this weekend, June 25th, so if you’re in the Last Frontier you’re invited and encouraged to join us. And we mean everyone so check out Alaska Pride Fest and Step Up, Step Out with the rest of us.

I’ll be there with my nod-to-the-repeal-of-DADT inspired T-shirt printed by AJ Snapper. It’s eco friendly which if you know me, you know is me. Later this summer I’ll meet the lovely owners as I pass through Oregon. Then you’ll be able to purchase one of my slam poetry inspired, environmentally friendly, super saucy shirts. But that time is yet to come.

There is still Event Producing Time. Experience America for the US Department of State was successful but there are still more events to go, including the Anchorage July 4th Celebration a week after Pride.

Then there is Purchase What I Need for A Slammin Adventure Time. Just this morning I placed an order for vinyl letters to brand my soon to be cross-country chariot. My thanks go to Wes at Action Sign and Graphics for helping my pick the font and ‘you can’t miss me yellow’ which will soon tattoo the tail-end of my easy-on-the-gas-mileage Prius. 

And there is also Sorting, Purging, Selling & Packing Time. A chore which seems endless but each day a little progress is made. It’s a good thing I started de-cluttering months ago with a little help from the Fly Lady or it would be much more intimidating. Thank you for showing me the site Tonya. My shiny sink still makes me smile.

But where is the Write Time? And where is the Write Place?

Tonight, it’s sitting in the ballroom of the Dena’ina Convention Center well after the Ambassadors and Dignitaries and Governors and Mayors have left the building. Vendors are taking apart what they setup just this afternoon, including our own crew from Art Services North, the state’s best event company.

But why do I write from here you ask? Because in my world there is also Klutz Time. Last night, while sorting, purging, selling, and packing… I was also tripping over the cable to my internet and terminating my service. Now it will be days until I am connected at home. And in the mean time I will be stuck seeking the Write Time AND the Write Place.

If you watch this video you may even be able to see me sitting in the windows of the third story ballroom, stopping time so I can write (to you who are sleeping) right now.


2 thoughts on “Write Time – Write Place

  1. Gail – I’m looking forward to this trip you’re taking, your tales, your perspective and all your adventures! Thanks for creating this blog!

  2. Good luck G. Sure has been fun working with you all these years. To safe travels, smooth roads off the beaten path, and adventures to write about. Too cool…

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