New Ventures Springing Up

Spring is definitely in the air – and the air smells sweet. 

Perhaps my recent burst of creative projects is a direct result of spring having sprung.  Or perhaps it is the culmination of a dormant season ready to be given room to grow in the new light.  But as I sit in front of an open window and type, I feel energized to share my new ventures with you.

I’ve been spending free time on the Alaska Pride Blog and am having a blast.  I can’t wait for you to see the results when we re-launch on March 26th.  I say we because this will be a group blog with a different author everyday, bringing you a subjects to entertain, inform, and inspire.  You can read my first post on March 29th.  I’ll be writing Thursday’s a column, Let’s Get Legal, even though I’m not a lawyer – just a girl with legal questions on the hunt for information in a web of confusion.  Subscribe Now before you forget.

I’m also excited because I’ll be back in Alaska in just a few short weeks.  My event work for Art Services North continues to thrive over the miles but I’m looking forward to connecting with my clients (and my colleagues) face to face.  Are you ready to plan your event for this fall and winter?  Write to me at to set up a coffee appointment where you can pick my brain for creative ideas which the amazing team at ASN will help us turn into an event reality for you.

Oh, but the creative juices are just beginning.  Now that I’m working half time I’m using the rest of my hours to explore new opportunities and many of those opportunities involve supporting friends with my creative energy.  In fact, I’ve started doing some creative consulting for a company called Blue-17 where I’m helping to give a voice to their company vision and assisting in their social marketing efforts.  You can check out their website (which is in still a work in process) at to learn more about who they are and what they do… because when your company name does not say it all, your website and social media tools simply must.  In fact, why don’t you check it out now then write to me with your suggestions for how to improve it.  Use my personal email to get in touch or keep reading for more ways to communicate with me.

Because of all my new ventures into social media and marketing I’ve also re-entered the Twitter-Sphere.  Yes, despite my past grumbling and growling about never having the time for one more thing… now I do and I certainly see the value of this tool.  So into my tool box it goes.  If you have great ideas about how to use Twitter to create a personal brand identity, follow me @PocketGail.  I’ll follow you back then you can DM me – that’s Direct Message for all the non-twitter speakers.

But if Facebook is more your style, you can skip twitter and like my new fan page.  It’s also called Pocket Gail (a great story about the name to follow later this week) and if you like my page you can look forward witty wisdom and creative discoveries as I venture into the uncharted territory of creating my own creative consulting company.

I’m simply brimming over with creative energy so grab a little Pocket Gail through one of my feeds and hang on for what comes next.

Have I forgotten anything?  You tell me… I’m open to your creative ideas.