Confessions of a Nut Hater in Love

I love Honey Nut Cheerios!

There. I said it. For years, I wouldn’t eat them. Wouldn’t even give them a second glance on a hotel breakfast bar much less the grocery store shelf. Why you ask? I can only think of one reason. I was a long time, self-professed, hater of nuts in food.

Photo by Graur CodrinNuts by themselves? Yum.

Nuts in their shells? Even better.

Nuts in a jar? I’m hungry, pass the nuts.

Nuts in a cookie? Yuck!

Pad Thai with crumbled peanuts? Pass!

Crunchy peanut butter on my jelly sandwich? No way my friend!

It started when I was young. The first culprits were brownies and cookies – sweet treats people sprinkle with nuts thinking they’re making something good even better. All I tasted was sweet goodness with little shards of inedible bits stuck in my teeth when I was done. When presented with a chocolate covered peanut – you guessed it – I sucked off the chocolate and kicked the peanut to the curb.

And ever since those first un-tasty experiences I have avoided nuts when mixed with foods. But now I discover I love Honey Nut Cheerios, and Pad Thai, and cashews simmered in balsamic vinegar.

So how is it that a person who so vehemently opposed nuts mixed with food now finds herself stocking the pantry with cashews and almonds and walnuts – all for mixing with food? Perhaps it is the same way we grow up and into other new loves.

One day you might wake up and realize there are nuts in your food and you like them. Just like you might wake up and realize, every thing you ever knew about love has changed. And you like it.

You might even find you’ve gone from a self-professed ‘Me, Myself and I’ kind of gal to happily embracing your ‘we’ and loving it. You might look in the mirror and fail to recognize your reflection while falling deeper in love with your image. You might even decide that love now mixes well in other aspects of your life, just like nuts mix well in food.

I’ve learned that with age, our tastes mature. I still haven’t tried Crunchy Peanut Butter – but I might not push the plate away if you made me a sandwich with the awful stuff. Who knows, maybe I’ll even love it too.

How have your tastes, in love or food, changed as you mature?


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Nut Hater in Love

  1. Hey girl! Just came from the KNBA Art Auction where I saw your peeps and shared the thought that indeed your energy was missed round these parts. And now you lure me in to read your piece and of course I have to. . . because I hate nuts in things where I too have felt they never belonged. Of course I’m also lured by your writing style, your quirky attitude that juts through your sentence structure…like a fresh new hair cut of yours.

    So just to keep that connection, I think a brownie loses its lure of fudgy goodness in ratio to baked softness when you get hard bits of nutty interruptus. I feel the chocolate chip cookie deserves that same attention and simplicity of flavor balance, and boy oh boy, am I adamant about my smooth peanut butter.

    I’m also enjoying nuts on their own of late. And as always I enjoy your writing. Peace, and obviously increased amounts of good lovin’.

    • You make my heart smile. And I am suddenly overcome with a desire to bake brownies with “no hard bits of nutty interruptus”. I should have asked you to edit my post last night – it would have been even better.

    • Thanks Denise. I’m learning that creative energy begets creative energy – so thanks for losing me some of yours over coffee despite the miles between our homes.

  2. I love all kinds of nuts-even the one’s who walk on 2 feet!-I think if the Doctor told me I was allergic to nuts I would become a raving lunatic nut! I eat about a jar of nuts everyday! All kinds! And as my age has grown and my taste buds have changed I have found myself trying everything-even Thai food! Love your posts!

  3. My tastes TOTALLY have changed through the years! I went from an ultra picky, foods can’t touch, only eat bologna sandwiches kid to a food crazed nut who eats just about anything. Most recent change is when I fell in love with goat cheese, blue cheese and green olives – never would touch them before, now I can’t live without them.

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