Rule #01: Experience More Than The Daily Routine Of Life

Rule #1 was created more than 10 years ago.

The exact memory of when it was created is gone, but I know it was the result of a conversation with a dear friend in her attic apartment. We will call her ‘Cee’ because that is her nickname – it both protects her identity and rightfully claims her role in the story of my life.  And she is integral in the story of where my rules began.

What are my rules, you ask?

Read Happiness is a Sport for all 10 Rules, but here is an excerpt to answer your bigger question:

Rules that are well over ten years old and have always been there for me when I needed them. Rules I have shared with friends who still ask for reminders when they forget. Rules which guide my life, not rule my life. Rules that undergo changes, as they should, when I change my life or life changes me.

But each rule deserves it’s own brief description and history – and there is no better place to begin than at the beginning.

Rule #01: Experience More Than the Daily Routine of Life

First, I should tell you Experience More Than the Daily Routine of Life began as No More Obligations to the Daily Routine of Life. But every time I tried to explain this No More concept, I was left feeling that something was wrong. The truth of the matter is that we must have obligations to the daily routine of life. We must do the chores and cook the food and complete our work and clean the clothes – or we will suffer far greater consequences. But we MUST be careful this is not all we do.  We MUST experience more.

Stop and Smell the Roses may be another way to say this, but I want you to do more than just stop and smell the roses.  Stopping to smell the roses is too passive. It’s too “oh, I just happen to walking past this flower so I will pause for two seconds and find out what it smells like before continuing to my office.” I want you to seek out adventure. I want you to turn left where you ALWAYS turn right just to see where that road leads.

Start small – try driving to work using a different route. Did you see something new?  Maybe a store you want to visit this weekend? A park where you want to take the kids?  Or how about your adult friends for playground inspired photos next time they visit?

When you’re ready for more – scan the local paper for weekend events. Is there a rodeo in town? Dig up a western hat and boots and get yourself a ticket. You can even practice a southern drawl if you’re the kind of person who likes extra credit. And don’t forget to take pictures, even you if you don’t post them on Facebook.

Before you know it you’ll be throwing your journal in your car, pointing the headlights west, and seeing where you end up by sunset. Heck, you might even decide to go to Italy and leave your phone at home – but that’s a Flash Back Friday story yet to come.

Experience More Than the Daily Routine of Life is about getting outside of your daily routine and doing anything to see – hear – touch – taste – EXPERIENCE something new. It leads to unexpected energy and creative inspiration. It leads to a richer life and more stories to share. It shatters the bondage of boredom suffocating your soul.

That’s what was happening to me (and my friend Cee) when we first created this rule. We were bored with the daily grind and suffering as a result. It’s an easy place to find your self, and to this day, I still do.  That’s why it’s now a rule guiding my life. A rule I have to revisit every now and then to be sure I remember.

Because one day, I plan to sit in a rocking chair telling tales others will think fantastical – all the while knowing they are real because I took the time to Experience More Than the Daily Routine of Life. But even before then, I plan to write about them so you won’t have to wait that long.  Just keep checking back here for more stories, or better yet, subscribe to my site so you get them in your email.  You don’t have to read them all, just the ones that grab your attention.

What do you like to do to break the daily routine?  And what’s the best thing you ever stumbled upon in the process?


5 thoughts on “Rule #01: Experience More Than The Daily Routine Of Life

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  2. Yes yes yes…we must step back, look at things from a different angle, and infuse ourselves with creative juices. No obligations is a great way to reconsider the daily grind. xoxo Jessica Kizorek

    • Thanks Jessica. I find your energy and thoughts in tune with what I know to be true… I look forward to following your Badass Business/Adventure.

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