Cleveland Gave Me Back My Mojo

Cleveland Gave Me Back My Mojo

It all started when we saw our new apartment in downtown Cleveland, or rather, looking up into the ceiling of what will one day be my office. The wheel of the old factory elevator, once greased and rugged, has since been painted the same uniform color of the ceiling – bluish white.

The massive wheel no longer turns but I can feel the stories it will spin. A tear forms in the corner of my eye as I prepare to walk away from the apartment on the top floor of the Bradley Building – the apartment we should never have viewed.

Why did we dare dream of life without neighbors walking over-head?

Our trip to Cleveland – and what I now refer to as ‘my wheel house’ – left me inspired in many ways. I began writing stories in my head on the drive back to New Jersey. It started with a list of reasons I liked Cleveland and ended with “Why I’m Moving to Cleveland”– which has rapidly become the most popular post on my blog.

As of June 22 – 10,888 Views

It turns out Clevelanders are as crazy in love with Cleveland as I am – so I thank you (and everyone) for giving me back my mojo with your comments.

Why did we go when we knew the space would be too fabulous for words?

Thank you Lawrence and Kevin for inspiring our hunt (even though I cursed you for making me look up). Thank you Phil for guiding our way (even though you knew how it would end). And thank you Roz for seeing the tear and knowing what it meant to me (even though it may only be for a year).

We went there so we could live there!


2 thoughts on “Cleveland Gave Me Back My Mojo

  1. What awesome blog Gail! People just responded to it. And I’ve been telling my friends to read it and spread it around just so people will know that this ciy is loved! There are a lot of Clevelanders who are sometimes negative about our great city. But this just fail to see the countless possibilities and the good traits.

    I have a year-long membership for the Science Center Museum and Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. I can bring in a family for free to the Science Center Museum. Unfortunately, I can only bring 1 guest to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. My membership ends in September. Let me know if you’d like to visit either of this and I’ll hook you up.

    It’s been mentioned a lot in your blog. These places are great restos…Slyman’s and Melt.

    The Cleveland Art Museum is free on Sundays from 1pm-5pm.

    NASA has free trips inside it’s facilities to the public once a month. You’ll have to bring your passport since you’ll be going through classified areas. Here’s the website for the NASA research center here….

    Enjoy and Welcome again !!!

    • Thanks for the invitation. I’ll be arriving Sept 1 so I’ll check in and see if your membership is still good. And if not, maybe I’ll get my own and take you so you can show me around.

      And I am SO IN for the NASA tour. Passport – check!

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