Adventures of A Broad Abroad: Part 3

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…the story gets very interesting (for me, for you, for the world) on the following day. A day I might have called ‘tomorrow’ except that it will forever be known as 9/11.

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White Noise

Evolution backwards – September 3rd, 2001
I took flight from all that I called home, called me
And I flew out of this state, my state
Out of this country, my country
And I flew into another world
Far across the ocean, soon to be my cocoon of freedom
A foreign land, a foreign tongue, a foreign ear
The peace of white noise
I brought with me all that I needed
I sold all that weighed me down
Yes, I closed doors
And I opened instead myself, for change
44 Belgium Francs to the US Dollar
Feet beneath me instead of wheels, I walk
Exploration into my own evolution, I talk
Klein fritz met luk sauce en put, aljsebleif
That’s right, I spoke Flemish, if you please
I thought I’d be wide open
I thought I’d write
But the white noise made me quiet
And I slumbered inside my newly spun cocoon
Evolution forward – 1 week
I carry a phone for the first time since arriving, it rings
Cobblestones beneath my feet as she says, “We’re under attack”
We, who we, where, what, have the aliens landed
Does another country storm our shores
My creative imagination goes wild
I sit and absorb the news
And I begin to fill my days with CNN and BBC
The only choices in my tongue, my ear, my noise
You, you gather and raise your flags
I, I sit quietly
Change my currency before it drops
43 Belgium Frans to the US Dollar… 42… 41…
Falling… Quietly Falling
My new friends catch me,
Keep me grounded, guard my cocoon
I practice an English accent, just in case
And I slumber inside my newly darkened chamber
Eyes wide open, open for change
The evolution of me
But still it stays invisible
Evolution forward – 3 months since I flew, ran, escaped
All that I called me
I set foot on US soil and hear words
A cacophony of noise
No longer can I call it white noise
It has color, meaning
A mother scolds her child
Two men discuss car sales
A lady speaks in angered tones to the person trying to help her
I can’t drown it out, this noise of color
I know now that I am back
And still I’m in another state
One more flight to get home
I feel the seams begin to rip, tear, shred
I burst forth with words that move a million miles a minute
No longer slowed to be understood
No longer contained in my cocoon
And I fly
Not inside a metal bird, I fly, soar, can’t slow down
I’m told it’s exhausting to speak with me
So why can’t I sleep
And instead I write
I stay up night and after night and I write and I write
And I know now the change
The evolution of me – and I will write about it
And then I will go in search of a mirror for my new voice
I will see what my cocoon of white noise has yielded
I will know if I soar on the wings of a moth
Or those of a butterfly
And I will introduce myself again, as if it is the first time
Hi, it’s nice to meet me
But there’s something you need to know
I’m gay
Is it nice to meet me?
Nice to see me?
Nice to know me?
Because it’s nice to be me, even if it is just White Noise to you.
That’s my story in poetry form. I recommend catching a spoken word performance if you get the chance. And yes, there’s more to the story – or rather, stories – but you’ll have to wait until I continue the Adventures of A Broad Abroad.

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