Countdown to Cleveland: 50 Days Away

As the end of August approaches I’ve accepted that it’s time to start <insert ominous music> The Moving List. That means work. There’s renting a moving truck and buying packing materials and hiring brawn to save our backs and changing our address and all the accounts that have to be updated … the list has barely begun and it’s already long. In the coming days I’ll be asking Cleveland readers for advice, like who to call for a dental cleaning and where to take my vehicle for an oil change … but not today.

Today I’m sharing a few random moments of ‘I’m Moving to Cleveland’ excitement. They started with a recent rebroadcast of Iron Chef America, the episode where Chef Jonathon Sawyer competes against Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Why was that exciting for me? You guessed it… Chef Sawyer is a Clevelander. The dishes he and his team cooked up made me hunger for Cleveland even more.

The random excitement continued when I received the latest blog post from @ClevelandChick (Happiness is a Hot Pierogi) and saw Chef Sawyer’s face, this time standing next to Iron Chef Michael Symon. Her post is how I learned that Chef Symon, Chef Sawyer, and Chef Rocco Whalen will be teaming up to “make going to a Browns game a little less gastronomically dicey.”

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Thanks to her I’ll be adding a few more restaurants to my Cleveland Scene list – a collection of places to see and things to do, collected from the hundreds people who commented on Why I’m Moving To Cleveland. (Which I’ll be sharing soon so thank you for sharing with me!)

This trifecta of chefs are cooking up more than better eats at the stadium, they’re also handling all the special events. That makes my event planning heart smile. Just like this image of the Cleveland Brown Stadium which showed up on my face book page this morning.

Artist: Richard A. Mayer

This 24′ by 36′ painting is for sale – just click on the image to go to Richard’s Gallery page for more details. You can also see it in person at Pet-Tique; a place where Clevelanders bring their favorite four-legged friends. But I digress…

The reason this painting made me smile, apart from its colorful vibrancy, is because it’s the view from my soon-to-be window. In just 50 days … so I better get back to The Moving List.


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