A Walk in the Park, or 25 Days To Cleveland

I’m about to make a controversial statement so buckle your seat belt and keep your fingers away from the navigation button until you reach the end.

I like hiking in New York City more than hiking in Alaska.

Now I know what my Alaskan friends are thinking – and possibly screaming inside their heads. Blasphemy!!!  Please hear me out.

Hiking in New York City is easy – you just open your door and off you go. No hiking boots. No day supply of trail mix in case you get lost in the woods. No dressing in layers for the various temperatures you might encounter. No time-consuming preparations to deter you from going all together.

Of course this is because to do anything more than open your door and start walking would be pointless. There are no glacier fed streams to follow if you drive a few miles north of your house. Nor are there bald eagles on the horizon if you pick a few miles south. And I also know that NYC comes with its own list of cons – like concrete stairs and too much litter and emergency sirens and…

But there is one hiking essential I’m joyfully rediscovering in NYC. One thing which makes all the difference in the world – and I can’t believe I’m just now figuring this out.

I can listen to music. 

Now I’m sure all of my non-Alaskan friends are wondering why I would never listen to music while hiking in Alaska? Simply put, I didn’t want to get eaten by a bear.

Or carry a gun. Or trust the bear spray would work if needed. Or only pick places to hike above the tree line which of course meant more driving, more layers, and more trail mix.

But this sea of concrete and all these sirens do make me wish for something more … and in 25 days I hope to find it in Cleveland.

A little more beauty to inspire me, like Alaska.

A little more music for my soul, like New York City.



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