A Bump and a Wink in NYC

A Bump and a Wink in NYC

If you’re going to be in New York City you better be ready to bump and be bumped. First you’re bumped getting on the subway, and sometimes you have to do a little bumping to get out again. You’re bumped on-line (or in-line if you’re from the South) while waiting for your morning coffee. You’re bumped several times just crossing the street, hopefully by other pedestrians, although I’ve seen a few pedestrians bumping into impatient automobiles too.

Speaking of automobiles, just try parallel parking without a little bump here and there. It’s happened to my own car (whose name, by the way, is Petra). But guess what? That’s why the Bumper Bully was invented. Disclaimer: I do not own one nor was I asked to endorse their product.

Bumper Bully

When I first saw one I thought it was a bit over the top, and frankly a little outlandish. But nothing so outlandish (or nearly as adorable) as what I saw this morning on the way to Manhattan.

False Light Lashes?

So if you know where I can find some False Light Lashes (which is what I have decided they’re called) please let me know. I think my little blue road warrior needs to be able to Bump then Wink when she’s done.

Petra, mid-trip from AK to NYC

Update – – – Just received a link via Face Book directing me to carlashes.com


6 thoughts on “A Bump and a Wink in NYC

  1. Petra —– what a fun sense of humor you have. CarLashes™ are the name of the original lashes for your car.

    • Thank you ReNae.

      Very cute product which I look forward to purchasing (even though I am a minimalist at heart – I do love a little “bling” in my life)

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