Discovering Cleveland: Downtown

Everything in Cleveland is new to me!

Images you might have seen a thousand times stop me in my tracks.

Whimsical street signs you no longer read make me chuckle.

Buildings that have disappeared from your view cause me to pause.

Will you join me in (re) discovering Cleveland?

Presenting: Downtown

Serene Settings

Art & Architecture

Magnificent Statues

East 4th Street in the Morning

Picture Perfect Shop: Eerie Island Coffee

Whimsical Reminders

Open Air Market: Spice Hound

Unexpected Bounty

Library Gates

Creatures of Learning

Eye Spy a Reading Bench

Witty Stairs

There’s more to (re) discover in Cleveland so add your address and don’t miss an update.

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4 thoughts on “Discovering Cleveland: Downtown

  1. I loved your blog on D’Vine downtown. It was my favorite place downtown when I first moved back. Somehow with all the new things happening I had forgotten about it. Can’t wait to (re)discover it again after reading your blog!!!!

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