$50 Bounty at West Side Market

$50 Bounty at West Side Market

Last week I fell in love with the West Side Market. I even wrote them a love letter after my first shopping trip. The next day I learned I had picked the BEST day and BEST time to shop – Wednesday after 9:00 am and before noon. This shopping window, according to Tim at D’vine’s on St. Clair, is after local Chef’s have shopped and before the lunch rush. So I went back yesterday to restock the fridge for another week, but I went with a question in mind.

What does a $50 Bounty look like at West Side Market?

Bringing Home the Goods

These will not be the only groceries I purchase this week, but it gives me a solid foundation for meals in my two-person household. Equally important is that I’m supporting local food which means supporting good people and the environment. By my calculations, over 75% of our food is not transported across the country (or the world) before reaching our table. The more I think about it, the more I love the West Side Market.

It fills my fridge with goodness, my heart with happiness, and it helps everyone around the world at one time!

Okay, perhaps I’m a tad on the dramatic side… Let’s get back to the question at hand:

What does a $50 Bounty look like at West Side Market?

VEGGIES (mostly organic)

  • Cauliflower, Large
  • Asparagus, Half Pound
  • Purple Cabbage, Small
  • Corn, 2 Ears
  • Yam, Extra Large
  • Eggplant, Small
  • Tri-Colored Carrots, 1 Bunch
  • Spinach, Large Container
  • Beets, 2 Large
  • Raw Peanuts, 1 Pound


  • Stew Beef Cubes, Half Pound
  • Chicken Thighs, Skinless & Boneless, 1 Pound
  • Smoked Turkey, Half Pound, Sliced for Sandwiches
  • Ham, Half Pound, Sliced for Sandwiches
  • Turkey Pastrami, Half Pound, Sliced for Sandwiches
  • Greek Yogurt, 1 Pound
  • Garlic Butter, Sample Container


  • Flat Round Focaccia, 2 (for making mini pizzas)

CITRUS & HERBS (for cooking)

  • Limes, 2
  • Lemon, 1
  • Tarragon, Small Tub Fresh
  • Basil, Large Tub Fresh

GARNISH (for salads and desserts)

  • Pumpkin Seeds, Salted, Half Pound plus
  • Coconut, Sweetened, Half Pound plus

Full disclosure: The final cost was actually $47.46. You see, I’m a coin collector. Well, not a coin collector as much as a coin saver. Every time a coin comes back to me, into my pocket it goes. It’s my own way of saving a little each day.

A Different Kind of Bounty

Pocket Change $2.54 – Into the Piggy Bank 

For some readers this may seem like plenty of quality food for just under $50. Others may be mortified at how little I bought for one week. I hear I can do better by haggling, but that’ s just not my nature. You grew it. You priced it. I buy it. Maybe I’m missing something?

So I have a deal for my readers. I’ll share two tips for shopping at the West Side Market and you share one back in the comment section – extra karma for haggling advice (both pro and con).

Tip #1: Inside – Outside

For me, the veggies add up fast and I’m talking weight. Last week I started outside then I had to lug two heavy bags around while trying to figure out my meat and dairy selections. There’s also a longer wait while meat is sliced or yogurt scooped – why have all those veggies on your arm while you wait? Start inside the building the head outside to the fruit and veggie stands.

Tip #2: Peruse, Plan, Purchase 

If you shop like me you know what you need but you also have room for specials or what simply looks inviting. Before you buy the first thing that makes your mouth water, walk around and see what everyone has to offer. Next, plan out a few meals in your head, then purchase with confidence.

Tip #3: You tell me…


8 thoughts on “$50 Bounty at West Side Market

  1. West Side Market is yet another reason I’m excited to move to Cleveland next spring! Unfortunately, it looks like your trip actually was a fail as your haul did not include buckeyes (with their chocolate/peanut butter glory).

  2. Most of the haggling I do is over the “very ripe” fruits as the vendors know that they are not long for the sale. The bananas, strawberries and such which are a day of so away from heading toward the banana bread bowl are perfect for protein shakes & smoothies which I use for breakfast, workout or an occasional healthy dessert. You just have to make sure that when you get home you wash, peel, slice and freeze these fruits so they are ready to pop in the blender.

  3. Always purchase at least one food item that is outside your comfort zone or that you wouldn’t have thought to purchase. Great way to expand your overall food resume, as well as truly experience the great variety of vendors West Side Market has to offer.

    • Great advice. This week shredded coconut was actually pushing my comfort zone. I hated it as a child but am learning to embrace it in cooking.

      I’ll get more adventurous next week!

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