Time Flies When You’re Having Fun, Part 1

So many fun things in one short week – so little time to write.

Join me as I stroll through the highlights of fun times spent in (and around) Cleveland. Here’s part 1…

Birthday Wishes with the Spazmatics

The birthday wishes were for a new friend, Michelle, but The Spazmatics were center stage at Jocko’s Bar & Grill last Friday night. That’s because they were rocking out 80’s cover tunes in true 80’s style – and embracing every nerd-centric schtick in the process. With each push of their being-held-together-with-tape glasses and every gyration of their hiked-too-high plaid pants, they brought laughter and shouts from the gathered crowd – including our motley crew of friends old and new.

The Spazmatics @ Jocko’s Bar & Grill

From the creators of the Fabulous Boogie Knights comes the Spazmatics. All the awesome sounds, styles, and way cool dance steps from the 1980’s decade we’d love to forget. Complete with skinny ties, Brill Creamed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, The Spazmatics recapture all the best of the worst. Outstanding musicianship combined with creative flair and style makes for an evening of pure energy and entertainment. So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999; only it’s not! 

Besides reminding me of another fun-loving friend in Alaska (you know who you are Dickerson), the band was energetic and whimsical without letting that get in the way of performing each song with choreographed perfection. The dance floor was jumping… and we were all there, jumping to beats from the past. Too bad I gave my camera the night off (mostly) or I would have more fun photos to share.

Instead, here’s another blast from the not too distant past. This is my friend Mark, monkeying around at a Wizard of Oz themed dinner I helped create in Alaska.

“Brother from another Mother”

So yes, I’m loving my new city and my new friends…

…but not without missing other places and faces!


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    • Thank you, thank you, thank you – I’ve heard great things about Hudson but have yet to visit. Do you offer personal guided tours complete with witty commentary on living and being beautiful in Hudson? (read: love your blog)

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