Time Flies When You’re Having Fun, Part 2

So many fun things in one short week – so little time to write.

Join me as I stroll through the highlights of fun times spent in (and around) Cleveland. Here’s part 2…

Beats, Eats & Unexpected Treats

Last week I wandered over to Cleveland Beats & Eats in Public Square. I was looking forward to another trip this past Tuesday, especially since there were only 2 more chances to attend, but the rain had other plans. Tuesday the 25th will be our last opportunity so join me and (re) discover what you love about Cleveland.

Here’s a look back at why I liked *Cleveland Beats & Eats*

Reggae in the Sun

The first thing that made me smile, besides the beautiful weather and blue skies, were the tunes. I could hear the reggae beat from blocks away and it put a bounce in my step as I approached the event. According to the flyer (which I stumbled across on Face Book just that morning) the music is coming from Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band. I’ve since learned that they’ve been promoting “Positive Vibes since 1978” so it’s no wonder I enjoyed them.

Food Trucks Pack The Park Benches

But take it from this event planner, all the ‘Positive Vibrations’ in the world won’t make an event successful unless people are there to enjoy it – and this event had plenty. They were dancing barefoot in the grass, shopping at vendor booths, sitting in the sun watching their kids play, and packing the park benches as they enjoyed their lunch break. There were over a dozen Food Trucks and other food vendors so the hardest part was trying to decide. Myself, I had the Green Curry special from Umami Moto. But the best meal of the day was the one I brought home from the MotorMouth Food Truck.

MotorMouth Grilled Cheese for my NY Gal

Grilled Blue Cheese and American Cheese with Chimichurri Sauce, Bacon, and Gazpacho for dipping – yum. I had one bite and feel in love! But one bite is all I got took because it was not intended to be my lunch. Roz describes it as The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich EVER – and she’s eaten them around the world. I still have to follow everyone’s advice and get her over to Melt… but that will be an adventure for another day.

Next Tuesday is the last 2012 Cleveland Beats & Eats

Join me and (re) discover why you love Cleveland!



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