Saw my CLE on the Food Network (and giggled)

Saw my CLE on the Food Network (and giggled)

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Last night I sat on the couch and giggled. Food Network’s new show $24 in 24 was on the screen and host Jeff Mauro was either chomping into affordable gourmet eats or talking with smiling strangers at the West Side Market. And I was giggling the entire time!

I’m not sure what tickled me most – the fact that Jeff was showing me places I have yet to discover myself (but soon will) or that of all the cities they could have chosen to launch the show – they chose Cleveland. I wonder how many people responded with Ohio? when they announced their first filming location?

Just like I wonder how many of my never-been-to-Cleveland friends watched last night and caught a glimpse of why I chose Cleveland. Now that I think about it – that’s what tickled me most. Knowing that someone who knows me and reads my blog was tuned in at the exact same moment and seeing Cleveland through my eyes. I bet they were giggling too!

This morning I woke up still smiling and thinking of all the places Clevelanders (past and present alike) have recommended I should try … and I felt overwhelmed by choices.

  • Ohio City?
  • Lakewood?
  • Shaker Heights?
  • University Circle?
  • Edgewater Park?
  • Tremont?
  • Little Italy?
  • Cuyahoga National Park?
  • Gordon Square?

The list goes on… and on… and on… as the scraps of paper where I write the suggestions grow… and grow… and grow. So this morning I decide to pick a coffee shop from the internet and gather up all my scraps of paper and go make sense of them. Maybe I’ll even post the growing list on here so you can see the wonderful places I have yet to discover.

Then you can join me in (re) discovering them too.

By the way… The place I thought I was randomly picking for coffee was actually a vendor at Pandamonium a few short weeks ago. They served the best eats of the night (in my humble opinion) so I’m tickled and giggling all over again as I arrive and recognize my choice. And I think to myself that it’s a small world indeed as I sit at The Root Cafe in Lakewood, planning my next adventures in Cleveland.

The Gang @ Pandamonium