Library Card: Passport to EVERYTHING

What started as a simple trip to get my new library card ended in a slew of events on my calendar…

Last Friday I walked over to the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library to get a shiny new card, my first in Ohio. For me, this is as important as owning a passport. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people; someone who actually uses their public library.

Did you know you can borrow (not rent) DVD’s for up to 1 week from your local library? Have you ever wanted to learn to use an iPad or e-Reader? In Cleveland you can check one out and do just that. You can even experiment with a 3-D printer at Tech Central.

Welcome to Tech Central

But the library is home to more than just books and cool new technology. The library is also a passport to the city, especially for a girl like me who loves theatre, science, writing, hiking, art, special events… well, just about anything actually.

Here are a few fun events that might just make it onto my calendar…

Two shows at the Cleveland Public Theater now through October 20

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays

A bold new work of theatre by 8 of the nation’s best playwrights. Standing On Ceremony is a confluence of activism and great theatre, staged to promote gay marriage rights and explore our ever evolving (and sometimes not) society.

The Kardiac Kid

Nationally recognized Cleveland playwright Eric Schmiedl shares his love of the Browns and his shared disgrace at the 1981 defeat after the fateful “Red Right 88” play. In The Kardiac Kid a man confesses to causing the horrible disaster by not following all of his sacred rituals on that fateful game day.

Two very different events with…

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Planetarium Program | Doomsday 2012? (NOPE)

About the only thing that the most recent crews of doomsday forecasters get right is that December 21 is the solstice. Let’s look at the (bad) astronomy and false claims being tossed around about the Mayan calendar.

Members: Free
Nonmembers: $4 each, with general admission

September and October
Wed 2:30 pm; Sat and Sun 2 pm

Honeysuckle Hunt at the North Kingsville Sand Barrens

Join the Museum Stewardship crew for a late-season hike at the North Kingsville Sand Barrens. The group will identify and pull out any remaining stands of invasive honeysuckle shrubs, an activity that is surprisingly easy because of their shallow roots and the sandy soil present at the site.

This is a FREE event on Sat, Oct 27, 2012; 10 am to 2 pm

A musical romp at…  

Great Lakes Theater

The Imaginary Invalid: A Marvelously Mod Moliere Comedy with Music

The wealthy Argan is a housebound hypochondriac who fears he’s contracted every disease imaginable. Unfortunately, a pack of quacks is more than happy to (mis)treat him. Can Argan find the cure for what ails him, and bankroll his medical bills by marrying his daughter to a doctor? The answer will leave you…in stitches. Infused with 60s pop culture and original music, this madcap makeover of Molière’s comic classic is just what the doctor ordered!

Tickets just $15-70, Student $13

A Grand Opening Celebration…

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Ames Family Atrium Opening Celebration: Celebrate the opening of the museum’s brand new Ames Family Atrium: a free space for the community to gather, learn, and enjoy Northeast Ohio’s rich arts culture.

And for the writer / photographer / poet in me…

UpNext: Events at the Cleveland Public Library

DIY: Print on Demand Photo/Poetry Books

A lecture by Bea Nettles. Explore the evolution of self–publishing through Ms. Nettles’ personal experiences: from unique books, to limited-edition mixed media screen-print and offset books to fully produced offset paperbacks and print on demand. October 27 at 1:00 pm

This one I’m including just for my artist friends… 

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Big Ideas for a Small Space

For the 2013 See Also installation, we are asking artists to think BIG. In the spirit of thinking big for our city, Cleveland Public Library and LAND studio challenge artists to design thoughtful, wacky, novel or whimsical concepts for a jury of local stakeholders to consider for installation in the Eastman Reading Garden. Artists are encouraged to develop concepts that deal with the garden space specifically, or present ideas for sites throughout the city at the scale of the garden.

One or more artists will be selected to create an installation for the garden that showcases their big dreams for a small space. Deadline Friday, November 9th.

One last piece of advice: Libraries are also great spaces to work when you’re traveling. That’s what I’m doing this week and next. So here I sit, sending my greetings to you from the NYC Library on 5th Avenue.

Now go check out your library and let me know what you (re) discover…


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