United Way of Greater Cleveland Rocks!

Two weeks seem too long to be away from home – especially for a girl who just moved to Cleveland and is trying to discover everything her new city has to offer.

It’s true, I enjoyed working and playing in New York City this past week. In addition to walking over 3 miles a day while finding trinkets for my soon-to-be Steampunk costume, the primary reason for my visit was a success. My friends were married and I was able to do what I do best – ensure their day was well planned, beautiful, fun for their guests, and most importantly, stress-free for not one, but two brides.

Now I find myself balancing work and play in Provincetown and I already see the challenge before me – to curtail enough play for the work to get done. Did I mention it’s Women’s Week and there are events and shows everyday, all day? And my girlfriend’s birthday is today? And we’re visiting with a couple we haven’t seen since our move? And … I could easily go on but it’s all just a part of life these days.

Another part of life is writing to you during the week so you can (re) discover the city I now call home – and I miss not being able to do that while I’m away. Today’s post started as a simple photo to make you smile but is now evolving into a full-blown post. Funny how that happens when you take a moment to put your thoughts on paper.

United Way of Greater Cleveland Rocks!

Speaking of gay rights … (I know, that was a BAD segway but I have to get ready for the Community Dinner and Talent Extravaganza with a house full of girls and only two showers). Check out some rocking news concerning The United Way of Greater Cleveland then get your tickets to the GuitarMania Gala on Saturday, October 20 – and show your support for an organization that truly ROCKS!