Back in CLE and Feeling Lucky

I should begin this post by telling you my blog is not just about ‘great places to eat in Cleveland‘ even though it seems most of my posts involve me raving about a meal. Yes, I’m enamored with the local food scene, but many of my adventures naturally begin, end, or involve a meal in some way shape or form. The adventure of living almost always involves food … but I digress.

I just moved to Cleveland and already I’ve had to leave for a two-week stretch – but I’m back and feeling lucky! We had a House Warming Party this past weekend which did just as it was intended to do; it filled our home with the warmth of our friends. We’ve had the good fortune to make many of these friends easily, having been introduced by mutual friends. But sometimes friendships occur in less expected ways. Imagine entering a random conversation on FaceBook before you move to a new city then getting this message on your wall months later:

So I think I just passed you at the corner on West 3rd… was that you with your friends??

That’s how I came to ‘meet’ Bobbi, a local photographer and artist who shares a mutual friend in cyber space. Months before moving here we ended up in the same conversation thread, discussing the event scene in Cleveland’s LGBT community. Last week, we met for lunch.

Take a moment to check out her photography then come back here and keep reading … just click on the Fall Photography Flyer to get to her company page:

We met for lunch at Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont. I’ve been told there are plenty of places to eat ‘the best Reuben’ in Cleveland but I’ve still only had one and let me tell you – it’s ‘the best Reuben‘ I’ve ever eaten so if they get better than this I’m an even luckier girl.


Corned beef, sauerkraut, rye bread and Thousand Island dressing, all house made, served with Swiss cheese, chips and a pickle. 

And apparently I’m not the only SuperStar (yeah, right) to dine at this establishment. On a trip to the Lucky Ladies Room I was greeted by a familiar face. Hi Guy!

Apparently, Guy Fieri and Page Productions visited Lucky’s Cafe in July of 2009 to sample the cuisine and capture footage for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. He also ate the Lucky Reuben, thus proving that everyone with short sassy hair has good taste!

According to their website he also had the Baked Mac-N-Cheese, House-Made Granola, and Biscuits and Gravy. I still have some eating to do before I can add those to my list of things I like about Lucky’s Cafe, but what I like most is a recurring theme I’m finding in many Cleveland restaurants – an emphasis on local food, local food, and more local food! Lucky’s Cafe goes the extra mile and grows many of their ingredients in their outside garden where their warm and courteous staff encourage dinners to go for a stroll.

But enough about the AWESOME FOOD and GREAT STAFF and LOCAL INGREDIENTS and FREE WiFi and all around POSITIVE VIBE … because as we discussed earlier, this is not just a blog about ‘great places to eat in Cleveland’.

The adventure of living also involves working… 

After Bobbi and I met and talked about everything from great places to hike to the local event scene, she invited me to attend a networking event for wedding vendors. And since I just happen to be one heck of a Wedding & Event Planner – I’ll be attending.

Wedding Wire Networking Night
October 29 from 5-7:00 pm at House of Blues
RSVP Required

Thanks for the invite Bobbi! I know there are some down-to-earth brides and/or grooms out there who need a little down-to-earth help navigating all the logistics of their wedding and reception. It’s time for me to meet other great people in Cleveland, like yourself, who help make wedding dreams come true.

In fact, you might have had a wedding or event in the area and want to recommend someone? Just add them to the comment field with a Shout Out and I’ll be sure to look them up!


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