Introducing: Streetwise Decor

I’m feeling a tad bit guilty about ALL the glorious moments I’m writing for NaNoWriMo – and not a one for you. In lieu of my own posts this month I’ve decided to try something new. Dear readers, please allow me to introduce you to some blogs I’ve stumbled upon and dig for one reason or another. If you like mine, maybe you’ll like theirs too…

Introducing: Streetwise Decor

The term “streetwise” represents the potpourri of tidbits I’ve acquired from the many artistic souls available to me throughout my life.  Mine is a family full of  talented, colorful, and self-taught folks…including antique dealers, musicians, cake boss’s, collectors, war veterans, gardeners, American Pickers, hobbyists, woodworkers, historians and furniture restorers.  It’s all in my bloodline.

Throw in a little internet geekery, weekend DIY and an (occasional) pick at the guitar…and you get…ME!

Industrial Art: Blueprints and Patent Drawings

Using oversized maps in home decor has been all the rage, and while I like it, I have certainly been pining for something different. So thank you, industrial steampunk, for finally becoming mainstream… read more

Did she say Steampunk?
I knew it! There are people who do understand why I was a Spec-tacular Steampunk Gadgeteer for Halloween – and she is one of them.

Thanks streetwisediy!  

You keep blogging and I’ll keep reading.


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  1. Wow, I saw this earlier while salivating at Restoration Hardware and couldn’t reply until until now. Sitting at a BW3’s, and my beer and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And I agree we need to start an aviator-goggle-wearing trend RIGHT NOW! Cheers!

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