NaNoWriMo Taught Me: Their, They’re, There is a Writer in Me

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Thank you… for understanding that I had to basically go BLOG-AWOL in November. I needed the time so I could win my first NaNoWriMo Challenge. I earned that cute little Winners Badge by hammering out 50,000 words in 30 days.

You don’t have to grab a calculator… that’s 1667 words a day if you’re a dedicated NaNo writer who sets aside two hours a day, turns off the pesky editor who is constantly yammering for you to go back and fix those last hundred or so words, and never encounters a single moment of doubt that what you just wrote will never make the final edit so you may as well go ahead and delete it right now.

The truth is… you need those words you will later delete. They are part of your 50,000 word goal. You need the misspelled words to sit and wait for editing because you need the time for writing more misspelled words. You have to leave them sitting they’re, I mean their, I mean there.

You no, I mean, know what I mean?

The truth is… no matter how much you put your life on hold and are supported in your effort, life still gets in the way. You get behind. You lose hope and start to make plans for finishing in twice the time. Your NaNo dashboard tell you “at this pace you will finish by January 1st.” You practice stating this new goal, out loud, to friends and family. You hate the way it sounds. You have to catch up which means writing 5,000 words a day for the last four days of the month.

You learn… that you can write 5,000 words a day. That you can leave those pesky misspelled words crying for attention. That you can push through the writer’s block by writing “I don’t know what they do next. Do they go back through the tunnel? Do they discover another route? Do they…” and suddenly you’re writing again because you got out of their way and they figured out what they needed to do.

You learn… that it feels good to have the book written from beginning to end even though there are months of work left to do. You learn that you can write a book. And that you set a lofty goal and reach it. That you can: Do it! Do it! Do it! Nothing stops you but yourself (Rule #7). 

You also learn… that the time you spend writing this blog is the time you will need to finish your book, and you are at peace with the knowledge. You are okay with writing less here in order to write more their, I mean they’re, I mean there.

Thank you NaNoWriMo – for the goal, the lessons, and the badge of honor.


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