True Story of a HAPPY Cookie Monster

True Story of a HAPPY Cookie Monster

I know I haven’t written since January and you’re probably expecting a long story about shifting priorities and the struggle to sit down long enough to write. Or perhaps you’re hoping I’ll finally share my 1 Theme Word and 2 Wildly Improbable Goals for 2013… but that’s not today

What I have for you is just a simple, short, and TRUE STORY to brighten your day. It all started on February 27th at a Penatonix concert. As I gazed down from the Opera Box at the House of Blues – what did I spy with my own little eyes?

Cookie Monster in a Crowd


Moments later Cookie Monster Eyes lived on my FaceBook page with a simple message:


The replies that followed were typical – for me:

Of course you do!

I can see you wearing it.

Definitely a cool hat!!!

You would totally rock it.

Looks like Grover.

GROVER? No. No. No. It’s COOKIE MONSTER! The search for my new Cookie Monster Hat began a day or two later but no matter how many links I followed, they all led back to a single Ebay page with a SOLD banner. Flash forward to March 11th and imagine my surprise when I received this package…

Cookie Monster Coming Home


I’ve since learned that the elusive hat was actually purchased by a friend in Alaska. A friend who after receiving the box and removing (almost) all signs of their identity re-shipped it to me in Cleveland. The gift should have been a surprise, like a secret santa arriving out of season. I guess she forgot that Cookie Monster was also a detective of sorts.


This Happy Cookie Monster sends her thanks to her not-so-secret-santa in The Last Frontier and hopes every person reading this post remembers to put into words what you want in the world. Sometimes it’s as simple had a bright blue hat with felt circle eyes. Maybe it’s bigger – like a new job or a new love. Put into words what you want in the world!

What do you want? Tell me in the comment field below. Then tell a friend. Post it on Facebook. Write it on a post-it note and put it in your wallet. Put it into words!


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