Blog Intentions Be Damned

My theme word for the year is HEALTH. As in – to eat healthy, to make healthy decisions, to achieve better health, to BE healthy. When I started this blog I had no intentions of telling you about anything as boring as what I eat or my daily exercise regimen or how I’m doing with anything health related.

Now I find myself intrigued, and have even signed up for, an 8 week fitness challenge. Vegan Farm Girl in the City asks participants to post this fact and our progress (and even photos) on our blog or Facebook page or… you get the idea. This has created an internal dilemma. This is NOT why I started this blog. Then again, the reason I started this blog was history shortly after it launched so I say…

Blog Intentions Be Damned

The truth is this –> The challenge started on Sunday and I have not checked one item off the daily challenge list. She even made it easy with links to free you tube videos and exercise examples. So what’s stopping me? Could it be that there is no accountability? Could it be that I never told you about it? Could it be that I never said to myself…

Blog Intentions Be Damned

Before I stake the EPIC FAIL FLAG into week 1 on my calendar, let’s shift the focus and talk about some 2013 health progress I’m proud to share:

  • In January my kitchen arsenal increased by a juicer – which I revved up 5 times a day for 3 days solid to detox my body. For the next 7 days it “cooked” every meal except dinner; 100% fresh fruits and veggies every night. Beans and legumes came later… then finally seafood. I’ve said “bye-bye” to all other meat.
  • My diet now consists primarily of perishable goods. Gone are the boxed convenience foods and mystery ingredient laced cans and containers. Just this morning I scoured the pantry for anything leftover and bagged them up for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on May 11. I may not want to eat them, but I’d rather not throw them away.
  • Lactose laden milk and cheese is a thing of the past for me… but I’m not going into detail about that decision. You can read the wiki on Lactose Intolerance here.
  • April was the beginning of a new quarter and it kicked off with a 3 Day Juice Fast. Yup, every three months I plan to drink my meals for the first 3 days of the month. It’s actually pretty amazing how good it makes you feel.
  • Diet sodas – out. Water, water, water – in. This is not to say I only drink water, but the goal is to cut out the crappy chemicals that come along with other liquid choices. Do I still drink a cup of coffee – yes, but not until my morning hot water with lemon and breakfast are inside me. Do I still enjoy a cocktail – yes, but I’m trying to put a little more distance between one pour and the next. People often say, “you are what you eat” but I think it might be better to say, “you are what you drink” – and since we’re ideally 75% water I’m thinking it should make up 75% (or more) of what I drink.
  • Eating healthy is all well and good – but I know if I don’t get my body moving more often and more intensely I will regret it when it’s too late to correct it. That’s why I’m in the middle of week 2 of the Couch to 5K running plan, which is only the beginning if I’m going to reach my Vomit Worthy Goal of running a 1/2 marathon in October.
  • Oh – and let me not forget to tell you about Thai Yoga Massage. Quit focussing on the word “massage” and pay attention to the “Thai Yoga” part of that statement. I’ve been seeing Julie once a month and doing yoga inspired stretching between appointments. My flexibility is, well, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s impressing the hell out of me, and it’s my body doing it. Imagine standing. Imagine bending at the waist. Imagine your palms flat on the ground. Imagine your forehead on your knees. Now imagine wishing you could stretch further and finding that you can!
  • It’s a little early to deem myself a cyclist, but I’m proud to report my bike not only has air in the tires, it has already been ridden more than once this season. And as of yesterday, I’m the proud owner of a bike rack. Now when my partner and I decide to go for a fun weekend ride it won’t have to start with vehicle geometry and cursing.
  • And then there’s Softball… a fun activity that also promotes good health. In fact, I’m on two teams. On Sundays I’m a Winking Lizard WildBoy and on Monday nights I’m Past My Prime. Expect photos in the weeks to come…

This last bullet might be slightly detrimental to other goals, since it was a softball related injury which kept me from running earlier in the week – and almost became my excuse for not performing well in the fitness challenge this week. Granted, Monday night I managed to pull a muscle I never knew I had, but I’m betting Julie can help me figure out how to stretch that one as well. Until then…

Blog Intentions Be Damned

Here’s to your HEALTH and mine! Now it’s time to close my laptop and go for walk before work. Anyone want the chicken in my freezer?

Wild Ride at the Cleveland Zoo


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