Gail L. Palmer

The Slam Poet

I express myself with words – written, spoken, and performed. Sometimes I even capture them through the lens of my camera. Before moving back to the Lower 48, I held the Alaska Writer’s Guild title of Slam Champion (two years running). My poetry appears in Alaska Women’s Speak Quarterly and has been heard by audiences in North Carolina, Alaska, and most recently – New York City.

And I am happy. The secret to my happiness comes from playing by my own set of rules. Rule #7 is why I launched this blog. To hear all 10 Rules catch a performance of The Only Way To Play or read Rules to a Happy Heart. Then join the conversation by answering my favorite question: What rule(s) do you play by?

The Event ProducerThe Event Producer

When I’m not writing I’m working — for Art Services North in Anchorage, Alaska and myself in Cleveland, Ohio. I design and produce events of all sizes. My theatrical background (lighting and set design, directing, stage and tour management) plus my years of experience in hotels and hospitality make for creative events that people love to attend. And thanks to my trusty laptop and modern technology, I’m able to work from any part of the globe (and often do).

In 2011 I shared the stage with 39 other Top 40 Under 40 winners in Alaska. On my office wall hangs a C. Wayne Hussey Community Service Award, a prestigious honor in my former Alaskan community. And I can bowl a scratch 233 on a really good day!

But bios are boring so go check out some of my stories


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